Ecuador becomes first IATTC member to develop action plan for tuna

By Undercurrent News

“Ecuador will become the first member of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) to have a national action plan (PAN) for its tuna fisheries when the project is completed in the next few weeks.

The PAN will serve as a guide to the Ecuadorian government providing short, medium and long-term actions to improve the sustainable management of the fishery. The plan covers all aspects of the fishery, including monitoring, information gathering, scientific research, reduction of impacts on ecosystems, its control system and any sanctions and technological changes.

The plan is the product of Tunacons, a tuna conservation project made up of Ecuador's four biggest tuna fisheries: Real Industrial Businesses (NIRSA), Jadran, Servigrup, Eurofish and the US tuna giant Tri Marine.

The PAN reportedly took one year to create and will be the subject of a workshop in the next few weeks with all the actors involved to ensure its implementation becomes a permanent government policy.”

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