Scott Islands Marine National Wildlife Area Announcement

Minister Wilkinson announced the establishment of the Scott Island marine National Wildlife Area on behalf of Minister Mckenna this week.

There should be no changes to the tuna fishery in this area but BCTFA will continue to monitor this process and keep its members informed.

Please see the original message forwarded by acting tuna manager Meghan Chen:

As announced on Sept 13th by Minister Wilkinson on behalf of Minister McKenna, the Scott Islands marine National Wildlife Area (mNWA) has been established as the first marine area under the Canada Wildlife Act.  Off the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island, the Scott Islands mNWA has the conservation objective to conserve migratory seabirds, species at risk, and the habitats, ecosystem linkages and marine resources that support these species.   


Fisheries in the area will continue to be managed by DFO under the Fisheries Act.  To further support conservation objectives in the area, DFO intends to make regulations pursuant to the Fisheries Act for the management of fisheries within the mNWA, as notified in Canada Gazette, Part I on June 30, 2018.  The proposed regulation will prohibit fishing for Pacific sand lance, Pacific saury and North Pacific krill; prohibit groundfish bottom trawling within portions of the area consistent with the existing trawl footprint, and could restrict other fishing activities that would be deemed, based on best available science, to pose a risk to the Scott Islands conservation objectives.  DFO intends to prepublish the proposed regulations in Canada Gazette, Part I, within two calendar years for public comment.


We will be discussing next steps for the development of this new regulation and will be engaging Indigenous groups, the Scott Islands Advisory Group and DFO's fisheries advisory boards. 


If you have any immediate questions on this, please contact Amy Mar at 604 666 1090 or Aleria Ladwig at 604 363 1325.


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