The Voice of the B.C. Tuna Industry

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The BC Tuna Fishermen's Association (BCTFA) was established in 2000 to help develop, promote and safeguard the interests of the BC tuna industry and its participants.  Its top priority is to preserve the Canada/US Tuna Treaty (1981) and to establish tuna fish licensing.

The Association is the voice of the BC tuna industry, bringing information, guidance and value to an expanding industry.

The opportunities for fishing and marketing tuna have never been better. This is an industry that is positioned for growth. But, it must be done carefully and with an eye to the future.

Canadian tuna fishermen are competing in a global industry. It's a competitive world.  That's why the BC Tuna Fishermen's Association is dedicated to developing a competitive BC industry - one founded on best practices for harvesting, distribution and marketing.

The Association works closely with a broad range of stakeholder interests: working with government on regulatory matters;  conducting research; and, providing information to members about harvesting and  processing issues.  The BCTFA is helping to develop an industry that is mindful of consumer demands and community concerns - promoting our industry's fish and seafood products to consumer niche markets that are increasingly driven by quality issues, health issues and environmental concerns.


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